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Break the Spell + Empower + Inspire + Together = Reenchant the Planet

From the team. We are delighted that you've chanced upon us; or is it chance? Why the name you ask? Read Will Ashe Bason's poem, The ReEnchantment. You'll get it.

Our vision. We'd love to think of all of you whistling while you work, singing in the shower, sleeping through the night, dreaming in color, a planet where animals are beings just like us, children feel safe, and the world really is a small place!

Our mission. To bring together groups and groups of people that already see the world as an enchanting place. By using tools such as stories and the iCircle we want to spread that love and energy throughout the planet.

Our promise. To create a newsletter (Thee Talking Stick) that is filled only with heartwarming news that gives hope and inspiration, develop a web site where you can share your business, where we can help you financially prosper, display your art, connect you with individuals that are ready to support your ideas, books etc, help you find a husband or a wife, a partner, or friend, develop technology that emphasizes face to face human connection, give lots of money away to programs that already exist and for new ones, keep finding the ways necessary to support a world that lives inside our hearts (which in essence is what we are doing), and we promise to give you someone live to speak with and we will return your calls!

Our request. You join us, have patience and faith that we will do what we say we will do and most of all that you come along for the ride!

Reenchantment or change starts with recognising that something is not quite right and breaking the spell. Making a difference can start with yourself or it can start bigger. Wow, that seems big—changing the world and all that—but as people join in thought and inspiration, the reenchantment circles the planet from person to person.


Marilyn Shannon
& Chris Rinehart, Robin Olsen

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Marilyn Shannon

Marilyn is a wife and mother of 5.  She is also the founder of Dialogue Inc, and ReEnchant Planet Earth and is the National Director for Women’s Power Networking.  

Dialogue Inc. is Marilyn’s private coaching and mediation practice where she works with children, teens, adults, businesses and families.ReEnchant Planet Earth has the mission to encourage and restore the beauty and wonder in life by supporting logical and heartfelt action through social change, social action, and social education.  Women's Power Networking, a North Carolina based women's networking and business group with 23 chapters, expanding across the US, supports women globally, helping them grow personally and professionally.

Marilyn is also a Licensed HeartMath Provider offering a complete "heart" system for stress management, emotional development and creativity training that includes biofeedback.  Marilyn has also had the pleasure of presenting workshops throughout the country focusing on listening. leadership and communication.


Chris Rinehart

Hi!  I'm a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, writer and photographer.  I'm also proud to say that my children consider me to be an expert stream hiker and rain puddle jumper.   I know the difference between a jail and a prison thanks to my masters degree in criminology and I've spent time in both…voluntarily.  Teaching and guiding my children on their respective journeys toward being thoughtful peace makers, respectful problem solvers and contributors of their gifts and talents to the world is my passion.  (Believe me folks, I'm working hard over here.)

I've kayaked in Alaska, walked over volcano fields in Hawaii and looked for arrow heads in Pennsylvania farm fields still warm from the spring plow.   I've never met a bowl of Jamocha ice cream that I didn't get along with.  And on occasion, I can sit still long enough to tackle a few clues from the New York Times crossword puzzle.

As Administrator, ReEnchant Planet Earth's stories, energy and ideas continue to challenge, inspire and delight me.  It's a pleasure to be part of the ReEnchant Planet Earth team; it's an even greater honor to raise my children so that they can rise to the challenges of being the next generation of ReEnchanters.


Robin Olsen

Hello!  A bit about me... I tend to be pretty unassuming and I don't like talking about myself much!  But...  I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades person, a little bit artist, a little bit designer, a little bit girlfriend, a little bit mom, aunt, sister and daughter too!  I have 3 wonderful kids, two of whom are grown and both of whom are enlisted US Air Force servicepeople.  My son is currently stationed in Phoenix after having been stationed in Tuscon, AZ, South Korea and Japan. My daughter is at her first duty station in Pensacola, FL.  My youngest daughter is an honor student in her freshman year of high school who loves music in all forms!

I grew up in New York, lived in Connecticut for 20 years before moving to North Carolina five years ago. I've worked in the corporate world as an executive assistant for over 20 years before I hung up that cap to enjoy more creative pursuits.  I have been a life long artist using various mediums from graphite pencils, charcoal, oil and watercolor paints. These days my medium of choice tends to be on the computer with graphic and web design.  I have worked with a variety of websites, including our favorite, ReEnchanted Planet Earth!

As the resident web designer, I have enjoyed working with Marilyn and Chris to take the wide variety of stories and photos and turn them all into a montage for your enjoyment!



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