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Thee Talking Stick Newsletter

Listen. Reenchant. Create. Hear. Imagine. Share.

In the world of blogs, emails, podcasts—so much communication—a pause to listen to the power of words, of people's stories, can be reenchanting. In American Indian tribes a talking stick was used to assure the speaker the freedom to be authentic without fear of reprisal or humiliation.

Thee Talking Stick Newsletter is an opportunity to focus on the personal accomplishments of people—men, women, children. Rather than thinking as writing being scary, think of it as being creative, no judgement. Let the creativeness inside that wants to share bubble up. We know that you may be shy or scared or apprehensive. Whatever the emotion acknowledge it and give it recognition but not control. Be creative. Let us hear you. Everyone has a good story! You don’t think so? We believe in you! Every act of faith, every journey, every feat is a good story! We will help you find one! It is important.

March 2010
bullet Water - WPI
bullet Tickles Tabitha's Cancer-tankerous Mommy
bullet Finding Mr. Good
January 2010
bullet D.J.
bullet The Elder Wisdom Circle
October 2009
bullet Joy - Learn To Be Sill
bullet Meredith - Butterfly
August 2009
bullet Ben
bullet Sam
bullet Nixk
June 2009
bullet Isaac's Story
bullet Catch the Spirit of Appalachia
bullet Alicia
May 2009
bullet Beth and Gideon
bullet Natalie - The Invisibles
March 2009
bullet Deidre Hughey
bullet Bob
October 2008
bullet Passion Wall
bullet Perspective
July 2008
bullet Horses as a Transformational Presence in My Life
bullet What If Everyone Had to Be Adopted?
bullet Ben
June 2008
bullet Pa'lante
bullet A Prayer Story
bullet One Man’s Thoughts
May 2008
bullet Standing for Love
bullet Abundant Blessings
bullet Journeys . . . Connections . . . and God’s Hand in Our Lives
April 2008
bullet Thoughts on Sustainability
bullet About Rose
bullet Out of Africa
March 2008
bullet Transformation of Love
bullet On the Back of a Dragon
bullet Miami Airport Blues
February 2008
bullet Coffee Ode
bullet Beating the Odds
bullet Writing about Writing
January 2008
bullet "Yinka" — (a book extract)
bullet Gambling
bullet Love for My Mother
December 2007
bullet Becoming the Stay at Home Dad
bullet How Spirit Awakened My Consciousness
bullet 360 Degrees
November 2007
bullet The Wisdom of the World
bullet The Discovery of Myself
bullet A Piece of Me Circling Round
October 2007
bullet I Really am Beth
bullet The Other Side of Bipolar
bullet Time to be Free
September 2007
bullet An Overcomer
bullet Cupcake Envy
bullet Gene Girl
August 2007
bullet Love Affair with Colors
bullet A Healing Journey
bullet Keeping Pace with Change
July 2007
bullet Following the Red Macaw
bullet Teaching Love to Adolescents
bullet The Way Things Were and Are
June 2007
bullet Rivka's Journey
bullet Emily–Worry Gone!!!
bullet Goodbye Season



Thee Talking Stick

share your stories. read other people's sacred stories.