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Just by paying attention, one can really perceive a lot about both life and death and ‘know’ information without understanding its origins at an intellectual level.
After this ‘Spiritual Awakening’, my true psychic ability began to unfold, and my intuition grew stronger. I began to meditate, surrounded myself with like-minded people, and learned everything I could about Spirits, Metaphysics, Shamanism, and so on.



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How Spirit Awakened My Consciousness


What does ’awakening your consciousness’ really mean? It is different for every person; unique to each individual. Not everyone awakens at the same time, at the same rate, or experiences the same sorts of events. For me, my ’Spiritual Awakening’ hit me fast and suddenly, in the summer of 2005. By sharing my experiences, I hope to touch you and ’awaken’ some part of you that may have been doubtful of your experiences and to open your mind to the fact that our Spirit Guides, loved ones, and Spirit Teachers try to communicate with us all the time, if we choose to listen.

My story is as unique as yours is, yet you may find a lot of similarities in the things I went through to get to the point where I am now; they may be experiences you have already experienced while going about your every day life. Truly, I have been psychic my whole life, but didn’t recognize what it meant to be psychic until the last few years. I have always been interested in psychics, spirits, intuition, and so on, and always thought how neat it was that some people seemed to possess a ’sixth sense’. I always wondered what it would be like to live that way. Throughout my childhood and into adulthood, I would experience many ’psychic’ experiences when I intuitively knew something was going to happen, yet I would dismiss this as coincidence, or I’d get visions in the daytime and dismiss it as ‘daydreaming’. However, at some point I stopped simply thinking“Huh, that’s strange” and began to at least acknowledge the fact that these things were occurring. This, I believe, was my first step in becoming aware of spiritual communication around us.

Despite this new awareness, my real ‘awakening’ happened in August 2005, when my grandfather passed away. He and I were extremely close and shared a special bond that none of my siblings or cousins shared with him. I spoke on the phone with him often and my family in New York saw him at least once a week but on Friday, August 12, he died, unbeknownst to any of us. I was on my way out of the door on the morning he passed away, when the birthday card he’d given me a couple months earlier fell from the wall where it had been displayed. I tried to hang it up again but it fell once more, right in front of my eyes. At this point, I was going to be late if I continued to battle with putting this card back in its place, so I put it on the kitchen counter and left for my day. Subconsciously, though, I was disturbed by this occurrence, because there were other birthday cards I had displayed using the same amount of Scotch tape on the wall, and which I had hung up at the same time, yet this card from Grandpa continued to fall down even after multiple attempts at rehanging it. It had been about a week since I’d last spoken to him and I intuitively knew I should call him to say hello; the card falling I felt was a reminder that I needed to do so.
My day went on, and when I returned home I had a short window of time before friends were coming over. I tried to put the card back in its place with the tape; twice more it fell. It was a sign from him that I ignored. The weekend continued without making a call to my grandfather, because I was too caught up in the chaos of life to stop and pick up the phone.

Late Monday evening approached and I lay awake in bed, agitated about something else. Suddenly, a feeling came over me that I couldn’t deny—I knew Grandpa was gone! This was the second time in my life I had felt such a strong feeling that a relative had passed away, and I was right. Soon after I experienced this feeling, my mother discovered he had indeed passed away.

I felt a gamut of emotions after his death— regret that I hadn’t acted upon my suspicion initially; guilt I hadn’t tried to call him sooner; disgust that I would even have ‘thought’ such a horrible thing; and major heartbreaking loss. His death was so sudden to me; regardless of the fact he was ninety-one years old, I just couldn’t believe it, and I felt horrible that I had ‘known’ and hasn’t listened to my intuition earlier. If I had done this, I could have prevented so much time going by before anyone found him. Thus it was that this experience woke me up to the fact that I had to start listening to my intuitive thoughts and feelings, even though I didn’t know where they were coming from.

From that day on, I knew I needed to pay attention and truly listen. For me, having faith in something I couldn’t see or scientifically prove was not an option…until all this happened! At first the rational side of me was so confused, wondering how this could have happened to me, of all people. However, more and more supernatural occurrences happened after my grandfather’s passing and this led me to believe that there is more to life than what we can physically see. Just by paying attention, one can really perceive a lot about both life and death and ‘know’ information without understanding its origins at an intellectual level.
After this ‘Spiritual Awakening’, my true psychic ability began to unfold, and my intuition grew stronger. I began to meditate, surrounded myself with like-minded people, and learned everything I could about Spirits, Metaphysics, Shamanism, and so on. I was conscious of my Spirit Guides, and immersed myself into the Spiritual community. Instead of being afraid, I wanted to learn everything I could so that I would know what NOT to be afraid of. I openly embraced these life-changing occurrences and applied what I learned to make sense of it all. I am thankful for all the teachers and guides on this Earth who led me down the paths I needed to take to find myself where I’m at today. I give personal psychic readings, meditate to center/balance myself, and continue down my Spiritual path for my own personal growth.

I am thankful daily that I am gifted with this ability to help and guide both myself and others. I can honestly say that I have faith in the unknown, and want to help others discover what they have inside of them. I do believe that everyone has the ability to get in touch with their spiritual side, but it’s a matter of stopping to listen and paying attention. I am so appreciative that my ‘“Spiritual Awakening’ occurred at the age of 25, while many people don’t discover their gifts until later in life.
Because I am fortunate enough to have been able to recognize and accept my gift so early, I want to teach others how to tap into their own intuitive skills. My passion lies particularly with teaching children. Having taught elementary school for a few years, it hit home to me that children who possess special psychic talents and abilities, as I did, need to be encouraged at an early age to embrace them rather than suppress them, therefore I decided to combine my two passions: teaching and spirituality.

I formed an Indigo Children’s Meetup Group with a close friend this fall. My intentions for this group are many and have endless possibilities. I am excited to be manifesting these intentions into reality. I believe it is so important for children who are different (possessing spiritual gifts) to have others they can relate to in a safe environment so they may share their experiences. This group is very helpful in uniting families who have children who are considered “Indigo” so that they may relate to one another. I am in the midst of organizing weekly classes for those who have the desire and the need to learn more about their special gifts. This will be beneficial to my students as well as to myself, and I believe that we will learn in leaps and bounds from sharing one another’s experiences. I’m very optimistic that this “Institute for Indigos” will be successful and that children will benefit greatly from learning, sharing, and experiencing more ‘Spiritual Awakenings’ at an early age.
I hope you, too, can relate to some of the experiences I’ve had and learn from them. If there’s anything I would like you to take away from my experiences, it is to listen to any thoughts or feelings you may have, and to recognize that they are happening. You may or may not develop your own intuition further, but I can guarantee it will enhance your consciousness to a new level. Knowledge is everything; without it, we have nothing.

— — —

Written by Melissa Peil


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