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We warmly welcome you to the ReEnchant Planet Earth community shopping cart.  We at ReEnchant believe that everyone has the ability to create, inspire and live in wonder.  All of the artists and entrepreneurs that you’ll meet here live that philosophy every day.  In the following pages, you’ll find handmade and environmentally friendly products and services by people of all ages, from places near and far all with a personal story to share.


We also believe that all sellers should be compensated fairly for their time, talent and abilities.  You can read more detail in the ReEnchant Planet Earth Promise, which is featured below.   Our cart will practice social capitalism!  What’s social capitalism you ask?  Our shopping cart is created to ensure that each sale provides a fair and equitable profit to the artist and service provider and all involved.  Everyone benefits.  Everyone is treated with fairness and respect.


That’s social capitalism!


What else sets us apart?  Among other intriguing details, you’ll find out how Oh Wow! Lip Balm got its name as well as what happens when you pray for an opportunity…and it comes knocking.
So grab your favorite beverage, relax and enjoy your shopping experience with the ReEnchant Planet Earth shopping cart.


Let the ReEnchantment begin!


Warm Regards,


Marilyn Shannon
ReEnchant Planet Earth


Chris Rinehart
ReEnchant Planet Earth


The ReEnchant Planet Earth Promise

We at ReEnchant promise to offer items that are handmade, items that respect our planet and all of its beings and services that are from individuals that are professional, responsible and from the heart.  


We at ReEnchant will always be available to guide, direct and support our sellers and buyers.  We will provide business opportunities that will empower and support everyone no matter where they are in the process of growing their businesses, and reaching their goals.


 We promise to be a bridge that connects creative ideas and individuals.  We will grow the Pay It Forward Fund to support contributing artists and service providers, as well as individuals in need, who may request an operating, business or educational loan.


Buyers and sellers doing business on ReEnchant promise that they will communicate honestly, openly and with respect.


We ask all sellers to promise to come together as a community that supports the financial, creative and intellectual growth of all. We ask all sellers to support the Pay It Forward Fund.


We ask all buyers to have fun with our sellers and to enjoy this rich, one-of-a-kind shopping experience.  We ask our buyers to communicate directly and honestly with our sellers.  


In closing, we invite our buyers to connect with us to share their questions, feelings, concerns, ideas, successes and joys.  Let’s embark on a ReEnchanting journey!



The Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF)


The Pay It Forward Fund (PIFF), found at ReEnchant Planet Earth, is a fund from which contributing artists, as well as individuals in need, may request an operating, business or educational loan.  A portion of sale will go into this fund.  Watch for details.





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